Game Rules

Set Up

Hexagons are Land marks.
Rectangels are for health tokens.
Each warriors have different abilities and 20 cards of their own. Each player choose 1 warrior. Warriors start by standing at any 4 corners.
Each Player starts with:
- 5 health tokens.
- 1 land token corresponding to the warrior.

Tarrah - Fire token
Levi - Thunder token
Elise - Tree token
Finn - Water token

Have the deck of cards ready
or app downloaded on phone/tablet. -click here-

Sequence of Play

      One round will have 3-5 turns depends on the number of the players. More rounds will be needed to end the game. Rock-Paper-Scissors to determine the first player in the first turn of the round. After each round, the person sitting counter-clockwise to the prior first-turn-person will start first on the next round, so on and so forth. Example: After player A was first in every turn in round 1, player B that sits counter-clockwise to player A, gets to play first every turn in round 2.

Each round, the app randomly picks 5 cards out of 20. Then players choose 3-5 cards from the selected 5 cards in chorological order to determine the turns. Without the app, players may shuffer the deck of cards and choose 5 random ones to see the content, then choose 3-5 out of the 5 cards in chorological order for the turns. The number of chosen cards depend on numbers of players:
       2 players 5 cards
       3 players 4 cards
       4 players 3 cards

Objective: To reduce other players’ health tokens as much as possible.
How to win: The last player with remaining health token(s) is the winner.

Types of Cards

Movement card tells the direction and steps a player can make. Example: If the card says to move 1 step toward West or East, the player can choose 1 direction and move 1 square.

Ability card triggers when a player damages another player. Ability depends on warriors type.
Example: If you play Elise and the ability hits 2 players, you gain 2 health tokens.

Heal card gains you a health token. Limited to 5 health tokens any warrior (including Elise).
Example: If you have 5 health tokens on hand, you cannot gain more.

Attack card deducts 1 health token from warriors standing on the attack range. The dot is the standing position of the attacker, and the color square is the attack range. Example: When Finn plays this card, his position is the dark blue circle, and any warriors standing on the light blue square lose 1 health token.

Land card gains you a Land token on hand. Note: Hold up to 3 land tokens on hand.

Skill card only triggers if the requirement is met. There are 2 cards, each of them is different. One triggers when standing on the middle lane, and the other one triggers when losing 1 health token.

Defense card protects players from losing health token(s). This card can be active anytime during the same turn NOT ON ROUNDS. HOWEVER, ability card still trigger it's ability. Example: In a 4 player mode, when player A attacks player C, player C can flip this card immediately to null the damage, although it was player B turn. After player C has played this card, player B can play and then player D. If player A attacks player C with ability card, player C does not lose health token(s) and player A can activate the ability normally.

Land Tokens

Each land token has a specific ability corresponding to each warrior. A player can hold up to 3 land tokens on his/her hand before use.

When a player steps on a land mark, he/she can put a land token anywhere on the map (cannot put on squares were players are currently standing). When another player steps on the landmark, he/she can choose one of the following:
- Replace his/her land token with any land token on the map.
- Choose to remove one land token out of the map.
- Place his/her land token anywhere on the map.

Note: Land tokens cannot be place on landmarks.

Fire token (belongs to Tarrah):
Any player stepping on the land can choose a direction horizontal (E-W) or vertical (N-S) and up to 2 squares from the token. Any warriors standing on that poisition lose 1 health token. The token itself does no damage.
Tarrah does 2 damages.

Thunder token (belongs to Levi):
Any player stepping on the land can move to any position on the map, beside the landmarks.
Levi can go on landmarks.

Tree token (belongs to Elise):
Any player stepping on the land gain 1 health token. Limited 5 health tokens any player.
Elise can gain up to 8 health tokens.

Water token (belongs to Finn):
Any player stepping on the land gain one shield. Limited 1 shield any player.
Finn can gain up to 3 shields.

Warrior Abilities

When Ability card damages any players, it triggers the warrior’s ability.

Heal ability.
Gain 1 health token by every damaged warriors.
Limited to 8 health tokens.

Defense ability.
Gain 1 shield by every damaged warriors.
Limited to 3 shields.

Damage ability.
Any damaged warriors lose 2 health tokens.

Movement ability.
Move to any position on the map.

Warriors App

Warrior App needed. To download -click here-
or purchase a deck of cards -click here-

Demo on teaching how to use the app.